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21 Apr 2014

Today was my first day of painting after all this vacation and travel and moving. I was ready, ready to create to paint and to color! The days in south of England are a still cold (at least for my caribbean heated body!!) and the sun does not come out as much as I would love to, but my desire to paint is bigger and bigger.

I have rented a mini studio 5 blocks from where I am staying at "The Factory Studios" Its is a very nice place where different type of artists have space to produce their Art. I have never really shared a space with other artists so it is a little bit new for me. I normally like my own sacred space, with my music, moods, candles, lights. But this place is the best option I have for my remaining month in England, so I have already covered the walls with blue and gold paper t...

21 Feb 2014

I have been accepting portraits commissions for the past 2 months in Nicaragua.Its feels very rewarding to receive the trust of different people to paint themselves or loved ones they way I see them.

But I received a very special commission last week, I have been requested to paint my own version of a painting that my grandfather did more then 34 years ago. WOW!- I was impressed of what a wonderful opportunity I have received!

I never met my grandfather, but he was a very influential artist in Nicaragua, he lived and learnt abroad and came back to Nicaragua to share his knowledge and introduce modern contemporary art to the traditional Nicaragua.

He was the director of the now named after him, Rodrigo Penalba  School of Arts of Nicaragua and though a whole generation that are now masters of the...

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April 19, 2019

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