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29 Jun 2015

As I paint this piece I cant stop wondering  how much flowers are in my head.

Specially here in Long Island during this time of the year there is a different type of flower and roses blooming every day. It is fascinating to see all the colors and shapes in my every day walks, where we connect and time stops and we share the essence of life in this current time.

Is that why we woman love flowers?

Is it because it reminds us that no matter what size, color or shape we all are beautiful, in our own way?

Is it because their fabulous colors come from within the plant, that shine even brighter when the light touches their magic petals?

Is it because of their perfume, that charms our senses into relaxation?

Is it because they teach us the essence of beauty just by being?

Is it because they show their face...

8 Aug 2014

Hello Sunshine!

Hello says Greenport, NY with the biggest sunflower at the step of the house to welcome me with love and bright colors.

I will be in Greenport 3 weeks. Lets see what adventures it brings me!

Until then, enjoy the sunshine!!!



21 Apr 2014

Today was my first day of painting after all this vacation and travel and moving. I was ready, ready to create to paint and to color! The days in south of England are a still cold (at least for my caribbean heated body!!) and the sun does not come out as much as I would love to, but my desire to paint is bigger and bigger.

I have rented a mini studio 5 blocks from where I am staying at "The Factory Studios" Its is a very nice place where different type of artists have space to produce their Art. I have never really shared a space with other artists so it is a little bit new for me. I normally like my own sacred space, with my music, moods, candles, lights. But this place is the best option I have for my remaining month in England, so I have already covered the walls with blue and gold paper t...

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April 19, 2019

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