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9 Oct 2014

As mermaids have been coming around I wanted to continue the Mermaid inspiration pieces I started in Greenport, NY.     I adored the Peach-white-gold color of the little nackar shells that also came out in a mermaids hair.

That same tone with fluorescent pink and all the beautiful blues make the sunrises and sunsets so beautiful in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

I want to share my story of each mermaid <3 and hope you enjoy the ride trough the beautiful sunset and sunrise colors of their journey.


Mermaids as water women who's soul flow without effort in the ocean and nature with love and passion.

They swim deep in the ocean and come out to play at sunrise & sunset where their rainbow hair turns into the colors of the sky.

Here portraits of these magical beings come...

12 Sep 2014

And one year later I am back in Cabarete. 

I keep coming back to this magical place. 

It feels like yesterday when I came here for the first time, with the Team of Nikki Beach to open a location here. I fell involve instantly with the energy and people of this place.

The Dominican people have this joyful presence and spirit, all you want to do is be part of that, and be part of them. Is easy as they open their smiles instantly. I guess that's why so many expats live here a swell.

A year wiser and greatly thankful to be back here where I started my time of *painting only*. It has been such an amazing year, I just want to celebrate living a present full of light and dreaming a future of immense joy and love.

We (my love Dom and I) found this small apartment, great value and soooo close to the beach...

12 Aug 2014

I already had this Idea from the last time I visited Greenport, to make a mini collection of 50's Iconic actresses portraits as I am inlove with a local Vintage store called 'The Times' they have a small gallery space and a garden in the back where they normally have artists showing. But I will be so short time in Greenport, that is not enough to organize something nice that more people can enjoy so the owner from the Store Elizabeth and I will have to do something next summer when I will stay full 3 months.

But as I am here and have to do something, I decided to take the Greenport mermaid (theres a Mermaid in one of the Greenport Village Logos!!!) as inspiration.  I had a walk on the town shops and found soooo many mermaids is like being in Mermaid land! so exciting!!! 

The Idea is to ma...

18 Jul 2014

Ayer 17 de Julio, se abrió la exposición 'Retratos Imaginarios' de Pablo Picasso. 29 litografias originales de tan conocido pintor realizadas a sus 88 anos de edad.

Presentado por la Fundación Ortiz-Gurdian y Banpro en el Centro de Arte ubicado en la planta baja Edificio Malaga en Plaza Espana, Managua. Esta colección esta abierta al publico hasta diciembre 2014!!!

La energia del Senor Ramiro Ortiz al presentar la exposición era increíble, emanaba una noble felicidad de poder compartir con toda Nicaragua tan preciado tesoro. Es una gran oportunidad para todos de contagiarnos un poco de la obra de Picasso y de admirar sus obras tan frescas y coloridas.

Las obras están en orden de como las realizo, de la 1 a la 29 y mostrando la fecha exacta de cada una. Como amante del color me llamo la atención...

18 May 2014

Last week I visited Rosie in London.

For those who do not know Rosie, she is my sister. My blonde, blue eyed english soul sister.

We met in the Dominican Republic, opening Nikki Beach in a Magical place called Cabarete. Someone had told me she is the best person I would ever meet, So I was very excited to meet this amazing person!

Rosie came with a big smile, with her sky blue eyes sparkling light for ever eternally and with the kindness and graceful availability we all wish to have.

We became friends, we became sisters. Sisters do not need to talk all the time, sister love each other with no special reason, and sisters know when something is off and provide their unconditional love.

Rosie is an example and a divine pleasure to have in your life. She has the spirit of a young girl, innocent, kind...

14 May 2014

SunFlower Lilly speed-painting

Speed-painting video of "SunflowerLilly" from the Blossom Series.

Acrylic on board. England 2014

13 May 2014

After a picnic lunch of tapas and strawberry & lime cider, my wonderful friend Rosie and I went to visit the Tate Britain Museum in London.

They are showing 500 years of Britain Art. Because we only had 1 hour before it closed we decided to do the last half. I have never studied history of Art, I read about artists I like but I enjoy so deeply when I visit museums that have a selection of what they feel has influenced their Art history.

It was amazing to see how modern and strong Britain Art is. We enjoyed each piece, learning a little bit more and discovering new artists!

The photos I took of some of the Art that stroke me the most-(This is a collage of photos, proportions of the pieces are not in respect of their real size, most of them where at least 1.5 meters high)

At th...

21 Apr 2014

Today was my first day of painting after all this vacation and travel and moving. I was ready, ready to create to paint and to color! The days in south of England are a still cold (at least for my caribbean heated body!!) and the sun does not come out as much as I would love to, but my desire to paint is bigger and bigger.

I have rented a mini studio 5 blocks from where I am staying at "The Factory Studios" Its is a very nice place where different type of artists have space to produce their Art. I have never really shared a space with other artists so it is a little bit new for me. I normally like my own sacred space, with my music, moods, candles, lights. But this place is the best option I have for my remaining month in England, so I have already covered the walls with blue and gold paper t...

21 Feb 2014

I have been accepting portraits commissions for the past 2 months in Nicaragua.Its feels very rewarding to receive the trust of different people to paint themselves or loved ones they way I see them.

But I received a very special commission last week, I have been requested to paint my own version of a painting that my grandfather did more then 34 years ago. WOW!- I was impressed of what a wonderful opportunity I have received!

I never met my grandfather, but he was a very influential artist in Nicaragua, he lived and learnt abroad and came back to Nicaragua to share his knowledge and introduce modern contemporary art to the traditional Nicaragua.

He was the director of the now named after him, Rodrigo Penalba  School of Arts of Nicaragua and though a whole generation that are now masters of the...

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