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27 Jun 2015

My rainbow Unicorn-Duck is celebrating today!

Is not only the fact that same sex marriage is legal in USA, but what it represents.

To  me represents the ability of human beings to open their minds & hearts to infinite ways of love and freedom, understanding and caring for one another.

Most of our Laws, Religions and education systems have been created hundreds even thousands years ago despite all the celebrated human discoveries in science and most important our continuous growth in being conscious… It is natural to evolve and adjust our systems of believe with the current events/energy we live in.

It might be hard for some to understand at the beginning, but all this is, is a way for us humans to connect more from a place of love.

Love for Everybody and all the colors of the rainbow!!!


Mi Pat...

6 Jun 2015

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Mi primera palabra seguro fue mama

solo recuerdo momentos de amor y cariño de mi madre

siempre atenta, dándome seguridad atención a cada acción de mi vida.

Mi mama nunca nos pegó, gritó o enseñó malas palabras,

Ella me mostró la vida a través de ojos de amor incondicional,

me enseñó que todos somos iguales 

y que nuestra vida es para compartir con el mundo y con los que más lo necesitan

Sin juzgar, sin cuestionar, amor incondicional.

Ahora al caminar mi propia vida 

aprecio más y más la manera que mi mamá nos deja ser

quien yo quiera ser, sin cuestionar

solo armándome más y más  mamá

más y más 

Ahora yo practico su lección

dar solo amor, cualquier otro sentimiento me confunde,

y si aparece; trato de entenderlo para me...

14 Feb 2015

There is nothing that can be taken away from you.

That which can be taken away from you

is not worth keeping.

And that which cannot be taken away from you,

why should one be afraid of its taken away?

It can not be taken away

There is no possibility.

You cannot lose your real treasure.

-Osho Zen (Tarot)

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April 19, 2019

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