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4 Jan 2020

Julia King

Radio Therapy

January 2020

Singer Julia King commissioned me to create her Album Art Cover. Something I had dreamt in the past, to have one of my paintings as a music Album Cover and even more perfect that Julia wanted something that combines photography and color, expressing the many moods  her songs evoke  thought the album- And the whole experience was a charm. Check out her website for more of her album.

We took the photos in one day, Julia is perfect with the camera and her Natural beauty exceeds from her pours you can feel her trough every gesture. Then I got to paint them and it was so fun, honestly I could have done 50 more.

Here is a Selection of the photos, with the selected 4 in the middle.

 Radio Therapy

Julia King

by Verona Peñalba

January 2020

3 Jan 2020

Painting Plants and flowers

Another message that I finally seem to be accepting is the world of plants, and I have so many people around me showing me plants; first my friend Emma Ballou with her paintings and magical forest escapes, then my friend and neighbor Melissa Gabrielsen growing and embracing so many beautiful plans in her life and new line of earrings Plants and Clay, my Friend Andrea Arguello from Phily curating and bringing plants in to bring more life in her house.

It seems that plants have been trying to call me and I have been so busy could not hear them ringing. But one night I just got it (31stof December!) that I need it to paint some plants into these 2 paintings I have sitting in my house. 

Check them out bigger here. They are not finish yet and I don’t really know the next...

1 Jan 2020

We are all aware of how much plastic we produce, how much damage we are creating in our planet. But we still (I know I am) producing so much waste. 

It seems that is taking so much awareness for us to act and reduce our wait and be proactive going forward. 

I am very inspired by 2 artists in my community, Cindy Peace Roe and Scott Bluedorn, both of them truly move me through their work and actions. So much so that I am committing myself in being more conscious about my decisions. There are many websites out there that can give you some ideas on how to reduce waste check out

 Here in my blog I am listing some things I already do and things I have to get better at doing in order to reduce waste, hopefully this will inspire you and together create change:


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April 19, 2019

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