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4 Jul 2018

As I wrote in my last post I feel working with ART RESIN is 70% is preparation, having all the correct instruments and 30% is about application and the use of those instruments.

So what do you need to start using Art Resin, I’m dividing into 3 stages, 1 is Preparation that leads into 2-Instruments that leads to number 3-Application.


-ARTWORK- Well this seems logic that you have to have your artwork ready but you have to have in consideration what type of work is best to resin. Generally works made in wood panels will give the best result when applying Resin.

This is because the surface is straight and hard and will resist the weight of the resin being applied without compromising the end result.

For works on canvas, and specially larger format, you have to support the back of the pi...

3 Jul 2018

Sometimes we get clues about materials and techniques by looking at them in other work, museums or even social media. But one thing that had been on my mind for many years is Resin, I always loved the effect that large paintings had with the use of resin, I would normally see it on big Art Fairs  and wonder about how I could implement that into my work.

About 3 years ago I decided to try myself, and went for the ‘cheap’ option to use regular resin that you find in hardware store to test it first before investing in a better brand. Well it was definitely a disaster, although I watched the videos and learn ‘how’ to do it. I did not take in count the space in where I prepared the piece which  -did not know- got super hot during the day and the resin did not have a chance to dry properly. Th...

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April 19, 2019

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