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21 Oct 2014

Lee en español abajo...

There is so many amazing people in the world.

My spirit and being is lifted when I hear or I am in presence of someone who's greatness inspires others to be the best we can be.

Oscar de la Renta was a Dominican Fashion designer, as latin-american my self and living in the DR for amazing periods of my life I feel a special connection and admiration for this designer.

I once modeled one of his dresses, and I remember it was for a NY stylist; he carried different designers, for the fitting none of the dresses would fit me, they where all size super small and my hips don't lie, jajaja, well my hips are wide and I was getting frustrated as I am supposed to model a dress and no dress fitted me...

Out of Magic the stylist pulls out this Oscar de la Renta dress.....With a princess...

10 Oct 2014

I believe deeply in my heart

that being an entrepreneur

can immensely transform

our selves

our souls

our choices

our lifestyles

our families

our choices

our communities

our world.


9 Oct 2014

As mermaids have been coming around I wanted to continue the Mermaid inspiration pieces I started in Greenport, NY.     I adored the Peach-white-gold color of the little nackar shells that also came out in a mermaids hair.

That same tone with fluorescent pink and all the beautiful blues make the sunrises and sunsets so beautiful in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

I want to share my story of each mermaid <3 and hope you enjoy the ride trough the beautiful sunset and sunrise colors of their journey.


Mermaids as water women who's soul flow without effort in the ocean and nature with love and passion.

They swim deep in the ocean and come out to play at sunrise & sunset where their rainbow hair turns into the colors of the sky.

Here portraits of these magical beings come...

6 Oct 2014

Thanks to Everyone that came out to see my work!!!

I wasnt able to take many pictures, but here is a collection of some pictures Guests Took at the Party!!!

Thank you Wesley Wang for the Party Pics!

Thank you Fabricio Paolucci for the awesome Music!

Thank you Antonello and Christina from Eze for being such warm hosts!

Thank you all! Love is shared 

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April 19, 2019

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