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5 Jun 2015

(lee en espanol abajo)

This Happened during MaiTai Necker Island 2015.

MaiTai Global is a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes.Participants combine their energy, network and resources to help each other achieve professional success, pushing the limits of work and play while also fueling philanthropic activities around the world.  (from

I had the pleassure to work at Necker Island during this Event... and one of the most amazing things was watching Kiter Nick Jackobsen jump of the Top of the Great House to the ocean with his kite.....

The power of people coming togheter to create Magic....

I am amazed and wonder by the power of people,

and thankful to be an expectator of some of the most amazing Ideas and projects presented on this Island!

Another amazi...

1 Jun 2015

Read in English Below...

Estoy escribiendo esto sentada en una roca antigua,

creo que alguna vez fue un arbol,

un arbol majestuoso a la orilla de la isla.

Como de Costumbre frente al mar, en una isla.

Esta es Necker, una isla propiedad del increible Sir Richard Branson

a la cual vengo de vez en cuando a trabajar atendiendo a sus huespedes,

la mayoria personas de mentes brillantes

que viven su vida con pasion y contribuyen su sabiduria y bienestar al mundo y sus infinitos potenciales de crecimiento.

De vuelta a tema.... 

I am writing this sitting in an old rock,

maybe once a tree,

a majestic tree standing at the edge of the island.

As usual sitting  waterfront on an island.

This is Necker, an island owned by the incredible Sir Richard Branson,

to which I occasionally come to work attending their guests,


17 Mar 2015

Working in Paradise allowed me to explore & enjoy the many tones of blue an an Island called ANAGADA.

Here some photos I took with my friends Melissa's Camera and some of her collection.

23 Jan 2015

The studio has been very quiet for the past couple of months. It is because Ive been invited to work in Paradise for some special Events. 

Hey you think sand looks so perfect just by nature?!? Well yes, but some help is sometimes needed.

I will be back painting in March so stay tuned for some Paradise infused Art coming out from the Lover Studio.

Until then, Enjoy life

and LOVE


More about this magical place called Necker Island HERE

Desde hace un par de meses el estudio ha estado muy callado. Se debe a que he sido invitada a trabajar en el Paraíso para algunos eventos especiales.

Hey! Ustedes piensan que la  arena se ve tan perfecta por naturaleza?!? Bueno, sí, pero un poco de ayuda a veces es necesaria.

Volveré a pintar en marzo, así que esten atentos para Arte con mu...

28 Dec 2014

Just had the most magic day of Christmas.



photos by Siri Anersen

Moskito Island

December 25th, 2014

29 Nov 2014


Like 2 months ago I was trying to fall asleep at night. My love suggested I imagine myself doing something... So I went and Imagine myself Kitesurfing in Necker Island, a magical place Ive heard about. He kind of laughed, as I don't kite yet and have never been in Necker Island...

One week later he receives a message to come and work for this amazing place. 3 Weeks later we are both working there for a special event. Its funny how life trows at you different opportunities to explore. We had so much fun working and meeting Amazing people. I still have to master Kiting and have a session there!

But my favorite day was a day of Paradising with my LOVE in the Baths National Park.

I felt peace, I felt home in Nature.

I felt I could stay there the rest of my life and di...

22 Sep 2014

Another Perfect day at The Beach.

We swam and laugh for hours.


Sosua, Dominican Republic

12 Sep 2014

And one year later I am back in Cabarete. 

I keep coming back to this magical place. 

It feels like yesterday when I came here for the first time, with the Team of Nikki Beach to open a location here. I fell involve instantly with the energy and people of this place.

The Dominican people have this joyful presence and spirit, all you want to do is be part of that, and be part of them. Is easy as they open their smiles instantly. I guess that's why so many expats live here a swell.

A year wiser and greatly thankful to be back here where I started my time of *painting only*. It has been such an amazing year, I just want to celebrate living a present full of light and dreaming a future of immense joy and love.

We (my love Dom and I) found this small apartment, great value and soooo close to the beach...

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