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3 Jan 2020

Painting Plants and flowers

Another message that I finally seem to be accepting is the world of plants, and I have so many people around me showing me plants; first my friend Emma Ballou with her paintings and magical forest escapes, then my friend and neighbor Melissa Gabrielsen growing and embracing so many beautiful plans in her life and new line of earrings Plants and Clay, my Friend Andrea Arguello from Phily curating and bringing plants in to bring more life in her house.

It seems that plants have been trying to call me and I have been so busy could not hear them ringing. But one night I just got it (31stof December!) that I need it to paint some plants into these 2 paintings I have sitting in my house. 

Check them out bigger here. They are not finish yet and I don’t really know the next...

15 Aug 2019

View of the Hallway Gallery, August 2019. 

19 Apr 2019


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Hace un año hoy, comenzó la opresión más fuerte sobre la población nicaragüense en años. Más de 350 personas murieron en el lapso de 3 meses de la mano de los paramilitares siguiendo órdenes del gobierno. Pero si estás leyendo esto, probablemente conoces los hechos, reconocidos y confirmados por las organizaciones de derechos humanos como la CIDH.

Para conmemorar un año de resistencia, estoy compartiendo esta pieza que hice alrededor de julio de 2018.

Cada trazo de pintura representa una vida caída por la patria, cada uno de ellos ahora parte de nosotros, salieron a la calle para defender pacíficamente sus derechos y nunca regresaron a su casa. "Libertadores" es un intento de representar a cada una d...

15 Feb 2019

Breath in
and come to the place
where we meet.

Where my 'spirit'
confronts my 'self' 
and connects.

to share anecdotes
of each others life
of each others feelings
and dreams.

to know we are on the same path
united as one.

'Meeting between Spirit and self'
mixed media on wood
available for purchase

based on photography by Xenia Lau

11 Dec 2018

“Todos los seres humanos nacen libres e iguales en dignidad y derechos y, dotados como están de razón y conciencia, deben comportarse fraternalmente los unos con los otros”, Articulo 1, de la declaración de los derechos humanos.

Y así nos deja el primer artículo dándole la mayor importancia a nuestra razón y consciencia. Esta es una invitación a todos en el mundo, especialmente en Nicaragua, a seguir fuertes con la luz de la razón para guiarnos durante este camino a la libertad.

La obra que realicé muestra un ser humano fuerte, que, a pesar de su sufrimiento, opta por conectarse con su conciencia, esa Luz que nos conecta a todos por un propósito mayor.

Que el Azul y Blanco de esta obra, nos ayude a fortalecer nuestra identidad nicaragüense y prepare a enfrentar el presente con respeto y frater...

2 Dec 2018

Well what a month November has been for me!
I moved into a new place for the next 6 months, that also means a new studio, and with that the challenge of painting 30 small paintings in 30 days!
What a rollercoaster! I could almost write a diary of how I felt every day and that reflects directly in the result on the final result of each painting.
So here was my strategy: start about 3 paintings one night and continue to developed the painting until it was done in about 3 days, I would post on Instagram the one that was close to being done or finished and continue the cycle painting every night after Ella went to sleep.

Im so excited to have finish the challenge and you can check the whole mini collection on my instagram.
It will be live on my website next week and you will be the first to rec...

11 Nov 2018

Saturday November 10th

Have had a few wonderful days in the city and to close up this trio of  Red lips speaking up the last Community Show of 2018 held at the North Fork Art Collective where more then 35 artists from the community share their work.

I though it would be perfect opportunity to connect deeper with this amazing humans inviting them to Speak up about something that matters to them and they did!

It can feel a bit intimidating especially in this Opening-Party setting, people can think it defines them but really it just shows something that really matters to them and I am very grateful they share with me.

Please scroll down and read all the answers of : ‘What would you like to speak up in this moment”

Thank you all artists that participated, I’m doing my best to link your Instagram here...

26 Oct 2018

Beautiful Emma, also magical painter and human, invited me and all the artist at the North Fork Art Collective to join her 30 Paintings in 30 days challenge she does the month of November.

The Idea is to finish one painting a day and post them on social media (Instagram in my case) to have a total of 30 small paintings at the end of November. This practise is design for the artists to explore new mediums or ideas that have been in your mind but has not have the time to execute them and get you in the flow of painting every day!

The minute she told me I LOVED the idea, but I was also so nervous as it has so many challenges for me; The Format: I normally do larger paintings, where my tools and techniques develop better in larger areas, is just really hard to even understand how to start in a sma...

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April 19, 2019

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