Flowers in my Head

As I paint this piece I cant stop wondering how much flowers are in my head. Specially here in Long Island during this time of the year there is a different type of flower and roses blooming every day. It is fascinating to see all the colors and shapes in my every day walks, where we connect and time stops and we share the essence of life in this current time. Is that why we woman love flowers? Is it because it reminds us that no matter what size, color or shape we all are beautiful, in our own way? Is it because their fabulous colors come from within the plant, that shine even brighter when the light touches their magic petals? Is it because of their perfume, that charms our senses into re


My rainbow Unicorn-Duck is celebrating today! Is not only the fact that same sex marriage is legal in USA, but what it represents. To me represents the ability of human beings to open their minds & hearts to infinite ways of love and freedom, understanding and caring for one another. Most of our Laws, Religions and education systems have been created hundreds even thousands years ago despite all the celebrated human discoveries in science and most important our continuous growth in being conscious… It is natural to evolve and adjust our systems of believe with the current events/energy we live in. It might be hard for some to understand at the beginning, but all this is, is a way for us hum

Flow works

Lee en espanol <3 Im so happy I finish a painting this week. I have been in Long Island for 2 sets of 2 weeks now. The first two weeks I was excited to start something new, I wanted to explore painting with oils as I used to do about 8 years ago. Is not that I forgot that oil takes about a week to dry each layer, and the technique I use is based on layers... I just wanted to give my self a twist... and well I did, Ive been struggling to finish those 2 paintings I started. My last 2 weeks I let my self Flow, as my friend Rosie remind me to feel FLOW and EASE when thinking/feeling of creativity (and many areas in life!) I though I should relax and create my art on paper that I love and enjoy d

Feeling Mermaids

The other day I was listening to everything I could find on youtube about Brené Brown, I met her and listen to a talk she gave past May at Necker Island. It was like my wise soul was talking to me trough her, she was so inspiring and loving I have been obsessed with her knowledge ever since. While listening to her talks I draw this mermaids, they are just an extension of some of the feelings that came to me while listening to Brené. She tells us to be vulnerable,(and much more!) therefore here I am, being vulnerable and sharing my drawings, that might seem simple and not perfect, but to me they are sweet and represent the emotion of that moment. Hope you enjoy them!!! (Even I love color the

Amor Incondicional más y más Mama, más y más

For English Please scroll down Mi primera palabra seguro fue mama solo recuerdo momentos de amor y cariño de mi madre siempre atenta, dándome seguridad atención a cada acción de mi vida. Mi mama nunca nos pegó, gritó o enseñó malas palabras, Ella me mostró la vida a través de ojos de amor incondicional, me enseñó que todos somos iguales y que nuestra vida es para compartir con el mundo y con los que más lo necesitan Sin juzgar, sin cuestionar, amor incondicional. Ahora al caminar mi propia vida aprecio más y más la manera que mi mamá nos deja ser quien yo quiera ser, sin cuestionar solo armándome más y más mamá más y más Ahora yo practico su lección dar solo amor, cualquier otro sentimiento

Nick Jacobsen Kiteboards Off Necker Island (Video)

(lee en espanol abajo) This Happened during MaiTai Necker Island 2015. MaiTai Global is a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes.Participants combine their energy, network and resources to help each other achieve professional success, pushing the limits of work and play while also fueling philanthropic activities around the world. (from I had the pleassure to work at Necker Island during this Event... and one of the most amazing things was watching Kiter Nick Jackobsen jump of the Top of the Great House to the ocean with his kite..... The power of people coming togheter to create Magic.... I am amazed and wonder by the power of people, and thankf

Magic of Necker

Read in English Below... Estoy escribiendo esto sentada en una roca antigua, creo que alguna vez fue un arbol, un arbol majestuoso a la orilla de la isla. Como de Costumbre frente al mar, en una isla. Esta es Necker, una isla propiedad del increible Sir Richard Branson a la cual vengo de vez en cuando a trabajar atendiendo a sus huespedes, la mayoria personas de mentes brillantes que viven su vida con pasion y contribuyen su sabiduria y bienestar al mundo y sus infinitos potenciales de crecimiento. De vuelta a tema.... I am writing this sitting in an old rock, maybe once a tree, a majestic tree standing at the edge of the island. As usual sitting waterfront on an island. This is Necker, an