New Work

If this is the first time that you will read this post, Welcome! Here I send new works, adventures, thoughts ... One more way to stay connected and share a little inspiration and colors of the moment. You have been added to this special list, as you have shown interest in art and what I do. I hope you enjoy it and get filled with Joy! This month I share last works I've done in Long Island, where I'll be living for the next 3 months. I wanted to flow.... after being a little bit stuck with Oil works, I wanted to conclude, feel harmony, set myself free. So I gave myself the chance to let go, play & experiment with watercolors. The result is these five works, all made watercolors and acrylics o


Its so nice to feel cool soft air with light blue skies, no clouds, just the sun and the trees bringing their new leafs to life. How the trees change their leafs every season, we live our life's in cycles where we change our leafs too. They are they same type of leaves, colors, shapes but a new version, with energy, revitalized and charged to reborn a grow. I guess that the season it self can be helpful for those who experience this yearly with Spring, but for me is a new habit- and I am loving it! We are in a quiet town named Greenport, in Long Island NY. The official emblem of the town is a mermaid, and this is no coincidence as I am allways surrounded by mermaids and the Ocean all year. F