Paradise is under construction and it needs my help

The studio has been very quiet for the past couple of months. It is because Ive been invited to work in Paradise for some special Events. Hey you think sand looks so perfect just by nature?!? Well yes, but some help is sometimes needed. I will be back painting in March so stay tuned for some Paradise infused Art coming out from the Lover Studio. Until then, Enjoy life and LOVE Verona More about this magical place called Necker Island HERE Desde hace un par de meses el estudio ha estado muy callado. Se debe a que he sido invitada a trabajar en el Paraíso para algunos eventos especiales. Hey! Ustedes piensan que la arena se ve tan perfecta por naturaleza?!? Bueno, sí, pero un poco de ayuda a


If I can tell you how much beauty I feel in your presense You will continue to BE so Immense, so Powerful, so Deep. #ocean #OceanLoves #Escritos #inspirations #feelings #beauty

Diosa de la Abundancia 2015

(Estatua de la Diosa de la Abundancia en la Plaza del Pueblo (Piazza dil Popolo) en Roma, Esta foto es del 2008 Era y es una de mis estatuas favoritas de Roma. / Statue of Goddes of Abundance in The Peoples Square in Rome. This photo is from 2008. This was and is one of my favourite statues of Rome.) Estoy realmente feliz de comenzar el 2015. Hay un sentido de renovación, oportunidades y sorpresas de un nuevo año que viene. Aunque sé que este sentimiento viene con cada amanecer, cada gesto y cada suspiro... Una de las primeras noches de enero, estaba con nuevas amigas preparándonos para salir a bailar en la arena y celebrar la vida. Karla, una belleza mexicana tenía una baraja de cartas de

Grateful 2014

Im so wondered by all the places and emotions we got to experience this year. In one year we lived (few months each) in Nicaragua, England, New York and Dominican Republic. Always by the sea or the lake, always paradise. Im so grateful of Nature; the Ocean, the Sun, everything. Thank you for being the year we spend most time with our families in a long time, being able to soak all the love of those Angels we call Family is so special and important. I am so grateful. Thank you 2014 for being so playful, generous and bright. I shall embrace and continue this energy with continued flow, trust and abundance-all around. Full of Excitement!!!! Ciao Ciao! Photo Jolie Fogel Gracias 2014 Es increible