Join me trough my every day walks from Boscombe to the Factory Studios. enjoying the magic mist of Spring trough the romance of flowers. This exposition shows this flowers transformed into beautiful women who embrace their delicacy and unique features. It is a simple journey, it is a simple life, but still filled with color, emotions and strength. #2014 #show #exposition #England

My Rosie's Portrait brings me Joy

Last week I visited Rosie in London. For those who do not know Rosie, she is my sister. My blonde, blue eyed english soul sister. We met in the Dominican Republic, opening Nikki Beach in a Magical place called Cabarete. Someone had told me she is the best person I would ever meet, So I was very excited to meet this amazing person! Rosie came with a big smile, with her sky blue eyes sparkling light for ever eternally and with the kindness and graceful availability we all wish to have. We became friends, we became sisters. Sisters do not need to talk all the time, sister love each other with no special reason, and sisters know when something is off and provide their unconditional love. Rosie i

SunFlower Lilly speed-painting Video

SunFlower Lilly speed-painting Speed-painting video of "SunflowerLilly" from the Blossom Series. Acrylic on board. England 2014 #video #speedpainting #art #london #uk #paint #painting #sunshine


After a picnic lunch of tapas and strawberry & lime cider, my wonderful friend Rosie and I went to visit the Tate Britain Museum in London. They are showing 500 years of Britain Art. Because we only had 1 hour before it closed we decided to do the last half. I have never studied history of Art, I read about artists I like but I enjoy so deeply when I visit museums that have a selection of what they feel has influenced their Art history. It was amazing to see how modern and strong Britain Art is. We enjoyed each piece, learning a little bit more and discovering new artists! The photos I took of some of the Art that stroke me the most-(This is a collage of photos, proportions of the pieces are