Porque pinto Mujeres? Why do I paint women? and the power to see yourself in other people

Mucha gente me pregunta por qué Sólo pinto mujeres, Entonces aquí intento solo escribir lo que siento y mi iniciativa para hacerlo. Primero que todo, ¡¡Yo soy una mujer!! -¡Eso es todo! Me fascina la gente, la forma en que tenemos un millón de emociones y sentimientos, y cuentos y bailes e historias. Es todo un mundo de posibilidades y la curiosidad me lleva a querer conocerlos a todos. Pero como mujer, siento que puedo representar a los diferentes sentimientos y emociones que experimentamos nosotras. Tan sencillo como eso. Pintar los ojos ligeramente cerrados o una mirada perdida en la distancia, una expresión de alegría, de fuerza, de soledad o una llamada de atención. Creo que todos mos

Spring in the Factory Studios

Today was my first day of painting after all this vacation and travel and moving. I was ready, ready to create to paint and to color! The days in south of England are a still cold (at least for my caribbean heated body!!) and the sun does not come out as much as I would love to, but my desire to paint is bigger and bigger. I have rented a mini studio 5 blocks from where I am staying at "The Factory Studios" Its is a very nice place where different type of artists have space to produce their Art. I have never really shared a space with other artists so it is a little bit new for me. I normally like my own sacred space, with my music, moods, candles, lights. But this place is the best option I

Vacation Time!

Im back! Wow what a great vacation I just had. Trough all the trip I was thinking what would I write about this trip. but theres so many feelings and experiences! My Love's Mum invited us to celebrate her birthday with a trip from England to the South of Italy where the rest of his family is. We stopped in Brussels, Reggio nella Emilia, Rome & Florence. It was Wonderful. The most important about it all was meeting, sharing and knowing better my Love's Family. I know now that more things unite us, like how important family is and how much we appreciate being pampered by our loved ones. (yes! being spoiled with love is the best!) Images From top Down: -Street Artist in Florence- New take on th