An honorable comission

I have been accepting portraits commissions for the past 2 months in Nicaragua.Its feels very rewarding to receive the trust of different people to paint themselves or loved ones they way I see them. But I received a very special commission last week, I have been requested to paint my own version of a painting that my grandfather did more then 34 years ago. WOW!- I was impressed of what a wonderful opportunity I have received! I never met my grandfather, but he was a very influential artist in Nicaragua, he lived and learnt abroad and came back to Nicaragua to share his knowledge and introduce modern contemporary art to the traditional Nicaragua. He was the director of the now named after hi

The remedy for a happy painting

I find my self struggling at some part of the painting. When I start it, is PERFECT! with the first lines shades and colors is like wonderland, so many times I wished to leave the painting there, but I know I have to continue... Suddlenly I find myself with weird colors, strokes, shapes that make my faces look like some type of monsters is living inside them....Im not making this up, is not a joke (although Im laughing now) they make me feel so insecure and of course I question my creativity and my self so hard it hearts my sweet heart. The good thing is that I know what is the secret, (for me works to remember what I have to do and give myself love time to do it, as I obviously do not do i


Today January ends. January is such a good month, so loving, so new, so caring. I have been writing and preparing my self for 2014. Setting my goals with the love and assistance of the Wonderful Leoni Dawson and The 2014 Create Your Amazing Year in Life and Biz workbooks. So I figured I will share some of my most important dreams and goals for this year! My sacred word for this year is ABUNDANCE!!! -Abundant Creativity! develope and grow my creative process and products -Support my loving-happy-free lifestyle by selling my creations during the whole year and years to come! -Have exposicions +sell work and visit: London, New York, Italy, San Francisco, Miami and Nicaragua. -Have my first an