Grew up surrounded by woman; their energy and care supported me into nourishing my most sensible side and desire of connection. 

It has been my constant instinct desire to paint people, especially woman. Getting lost in their expression and soul, I aim to become part of what I’m painting, a mirror into others peoples feelings and experiences making me and  inviting the viewer to be more emphatic. Become someone else without judgment. Let the self go and connect to all.

My positive nature translates in the power of seeing the best of each and celebrate and appreciate of truth with exciting and vibrant combination of colors.


On my latest work experimentations with ink and acrylic pouring take me to a state of flow that directly translated into the work with movement and feeling.


My roots are in Nicaragua a magical country that inspires me and gives me infinite love.


Please contact me for a visit at my home Gallery and Studio in Greenport, NY. Discover my constant creative journey and explore my days through my Blog, Facebook  or  Instagram


With Love from the Studio.